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Steve Vicik


Steve Vicik is a seasoned biotechnology consultant, offering strategic guidance and support in biologics process development and validation and supply chain management for combination products and devices. His expertise extends to managing alliances, overseeing contractor relationships, leading cross-functional teams, ensuring alignment on business issues, and optimizing brand value through technology enhancements, manufacturing improvements, and supply chain optimization.

Before his current role, Steve served as the Chief Technology Officer at Xalud Therapeutics, Inc. He was responsible for the process & product development, operations, and supply chain for Xalud’s clinical portfolio. He played a pivotal role in developing XT-150, a plasmid DNA with a human variant transgene for treating osteoarthritic knee pain and other chronic inflammatory conditions.

Steve’s extensive experience also includes over eight years at Pfizer. He was crucial in developing and implementing manufacturing and supply chain enhancement strategies for Pfizer’s Inflammation and Immunology portfolio. He developed and introduced an injection aid device for Enbrel, developed the supply transition strategy from an immediate release to an extended-release formulation over multiple clinical indications for Xeljanz, and expanded the manufacturing footprint for Eucrisa to enable global value optimization.

As a Product Portfolio Leader at Pfizer, he optimized registration and supply strategies for late-stage clinical and commercial drug substances, drug products, and finished kits for Enbrel and Xeljanz. Steve also held a leadership role on the Biotechnology Operating Unit Leadership Team and the Sourcing Strategy Committee for the Pfizer Biotech Network.

As Senior Director, he was accountable for Enbrel and rhBMP-2 activities and optimized supply and registration strategies for Neumega and Elelyso.

Steve’s multifaceted experience and skills make him a valuable asset to any biotechnology firm, offering strategic direction, operational efficiencies, and expertise in drug development and supply chain management. His career is marked by a proven track record of leading high-performing teams and delivering strategic objectives for product development in the biotechnology sector.

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